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Nikon versus Canon

Posted on 16th February, 2016

Hello everyone, this is our first blog post for Kelmar Photo!

Kelvin "drives" a Canon and Mary "drives" a Nikon. There have been many a long and heated debate on which is better/right - Canon or Nikon? (Or indeed any other make!)

You might ask why do a couple who run a joint photography website use different cameras/lenses?.....we have asked those questions too. 

Okay lets start at the beginning - when we met, we each had our own kit. I think once you decide which kit you will use then I guess you will stick to it, regardless. 

Of course we have discussed the pros and cons of having the same make and one of the big pros is that we can share expensive equipment and lenses and therefore effectively spend less on equipment. At the moment we each have pretty similar equipment, one in Canon and one in Nikon and therefore doubling up on cameras and lenses. If we were to share then whenever we go out on a shoot then the probability would be that we would both want to use the same lense....I think we can call that a con!

Well, we thought we might go with the same kit a while back, but the big problem was that Kelvin wanted to stick to Canon and Mary wanted to stick to Nikon, so that ended in total stalemate and we have finally agreed to stick with what we have. Will one of us ever move over to the other side? I doubt it, Canon owners will always say that Canons are best and Nikon owners will always say that Nikons are best - so we agree to differ.